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Susan says her passion for art started with her Grandmother.


“My grandmother was an artist. She liked to draw. I still have several pictures from her, including one in my kitchen that is a sketch of an apple from the 1930s.


Susan joined the TAP Board of Directors as part of the Emerging Leaders program back in 2008 and stayed for almost 9 years. Why?

“I love that space. The vibe is so cool and it’s got a little heart beat when you walk in. You don’t feel out of place being there. And, you can always learn something, regardless of why you are there.”


Susan’s role on the Board inspired her to try many of the courses that TAP offered, like embroidery and a number of painting classes. Her love for the classes and space also led her to years of exposing others to TAP too. Something that she can’t stop doing. As the Director of Client Services & Strategy at Matrix Four, a local graphic design and marketing company, she often invites her colleagues to TAP events and they have participated in the Artrageous fundraiser for many years. “My whole team loves it when we’re there.”


After retiring as a Board member, Susan knew she couldn’t let go of the place that had captured her creative imagination. She felt the need to do more.


Susan became one of TAP’s first monthly donors. Why? “It’s a community in itself. It’s a place where you are creating and supporting artists. There is something about being tied to the art and knowing where it came from. You get drawn to the artist’s vision. Art helps you see things in a broader perspective and it gives you a greater appreciation for life.”


We asked Susan what she would say to others who are considering giving to TAP. “It’s a gem of a place and most importantly it's inclusive. I’m proud of where TAP is at. It’s evolved in stages, and, I think it is at its next launch point.”


Susan emphasized one powerful point. Creativity is “Something you need the most. But you often don’t have time or space for.”


Susan’s commitment as a monthly donor is her commitment to you, our artists, our community to make Creativity a priority in your life. Because we all need a little TAP and creativity in our lives. Especially during these challenging times.


Susan believes that “in this uncertain time, art allows us to lean into the escape that it provides. Whether it’s visual art, music, writing or reading, creating or sharing, it fills the space of time with imagination and allows us to divert for a moment and connect with people. Which is something we all need, especially now and why a space like TAP is so important."


Will you join Susan and become one of our Creative Champions? $10, $25 or $50 a month can help build and sustain the creativity community that we all need. Your support is especially valuable as we navigate this change in our operations, turn to new ways to inspire creativity and prepare for the day when we can open our doors again to you and our community.

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