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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TAP?

TAP Centre for Creativity is a space aimed at supporting multi disciplinary creatives, including visual artists, theatre, musicians, and more. We aim transform our community by providing a central hub for emerging artists in multiple disciplines, where quality facilities and innovative programs nourish passions, mentor creators, and overcome barriers to creativity. 

How can I get involved?

If interested in attending our events, follow us on social media or keep up to date on our website to see current and upcoming events. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the form that can be found here. 

A photo of the outside of TAP Centre for Creativity's building..
Is it free to get in?

During our open hours, the gallery space is free for viewing to the public during the week.  Certain events may have an additional cost to them and these costs will be noted on our event/registration page. 

How would I go about renting studio space?

Our Cocker-Fulton studio space is available to the public for rental. To inquire about potentially renting the space, you can fill out out the form here and someone will get back to you.

What classes are offered through TAP?

There are life drawing classes, painting technique classes, and more. Registration information can be found here.

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