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Our gallery is free admission and showcases the talents of many local and emerging artists throughout the year.

On Now:

Anne, Anna & Annabel

Anne Hamilton, Anna Wilson and Annabel Biro  Resident Artists of TAP

May 4 - August 20
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This exhibition features the work of three of TAP's resident artists: Annabel Biro, Anne Hamilton and Anna Wilson. During the last two years these artists worked in the studio spaces above the closed gallery, connecting when they could with each other and with the community. 

Their subject matter focuses on the familiar: people, objects, and spaces but their approaches to their subjects are unique to each. Annabel's soft painterly style is reminiscent of the personal photos that inspired her work. Anne's illustrations reveal her experimentation with new materials to play up the translucence in her objects. And Anna's exploration of blank space and imagined place creates new corners and depths to envelope the viewer. 

This exhibition also features guest pieces from resident artists:

Craig Guthrie and Eric Drummond

Past Exhibitions:


Fanshawe College's 39th annual Photography Program Student Image Competition 

Winners' Gallery 

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REFLEXThe photographs in this exhibition are the top finalist in each category of our 39th annual Photography Program Student Image Competition. It features images from the Fanshawe Photography and the Photography Advanced Programs. This is an excellent opportunity to see the high calibre image created by young emerging photographers. In addition to the finalist, there will be images from various student projects representing first and second year students. 


The 2022 Graduating Class of Fanshawe College's Fine Art Programme

(un)ADJUSTED"Fifty years ago, in Fanshawe's first Fine Art Graduating Class, 1972, students came to class, bought art supplies, learned and worked in studios together coming and going as schedules required. This learning environment webbed and flowed continuously in each era until March 2020. COVID abruptly changed everything. A murky digital horizon intercepted education. Adjustments centered around safety, and primarily distance learning, with unusual, changeable obstacles and challenges which no art class at Fanshawe has ever faced before. Quietly, unmistakably, art practice was challenged too. As you will note from this milestone exhibition, strength, patience, and courage arise in the many individual approaches experienced. Students crave social interaction, investigating and studying with peers. Cherishing, laughing, advancing, reflecting, smiling and seriously making Art. This Art confronts us now with joy."

         --Gary Spearin, Coordinator, Professor, MFA, BFA

SOS: Society of Selfishness

The Second Year Students of Fanshawe's Fine Art Program