TAP is at the centre of creativity in London, supporting emerging and developing theatre, visual and performing artists. Our doors are open for artists and the public to overlap, participate and experience how creativity can transform and enrich us and our community.

Featuring a gallery, black-box theatre, multi-use workshop space, and 10 resident artist studios all within our heritage building, TAP provides a unique space where people can tap into creativity.


Working with difference and promoting equality underpins our work. Our learning, exhibitions, studio practices and collaboration transforms thinking in our artistic community and our individual and collective contributions influence perspectives of the audiences that view our work.


As a community we are committed to creating and sustaining learning and working environments where difference is respected and the widest possible range of cultural and social perspectives are valued. 


We treat each other fairly, according to need, and work to reduce barriers to participation for all. By fostering a hub where difference nourishes creativity and where respect is a catalyst for change and excellence, we support the learning and development of artists and audiences and our collective contribution to the common good.


A creative hub where art, performance and experimentation are the spark for a diverse and connected community.


We empower London’s creative community through opportunities to learn, work and build diverse audiences. By nurturing excellence in artistic creation we contribute to the health, economy and revitalization of our city through our shared creative impact.




We recognize there are many forms of inequality in the arts and intentionally work to reduce barriers to participation, presentation and understanding.



As a small organization, we are not afraid of radical change in our work, our community and our sector.



We believe in the power of working creatively together.



We act with courage to communicate the importance of investing in sustainable arts and to amplify the voices of our diverse artistic community.

You can download a printable copy of our strategic plan here.


We began as The ARTS Project London in our historic building on Dundas Street


Meet our Board of Directors who are responsible for the governance of TAP


As a small non-profit organization, your donations make a large impact


Sandra De Salvo

Executive Director

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