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Resident Artist | Online Exhibition

TAP Centre for Creativity is home to amazing resident artist who create work in our second and third floor studios. Normally, during this time of year we have the Resident Artist Exhibition but due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19 we've changed our approach! There are artist interviews, mini studio tours , in-studio videos and now a small online exhibition of some of our artist's work! 

Three artists will be featured in this exhibition and selling their artwork: Eric J. Drummond, Anne Hamilton, and Anna Wilson. These artists alongside Craig Guthrie, Christine Negus and Rob Nelson are participating in an upcoming Q&A Video discussing their practice. 


The funds from purchasing these pieces go directly to the artists who made them! To purchase these pieces and send us your questions email us at:

Eric J. Drummond

True North
Oil on Linen, 50x65cm, 2020
$ 10,000 CAD

Oil on canvas, 85x105cm, 2020
$ 13,000 CAD


Graphite and White Chalk Drawing, 8x11in, 2020
$ 1,200 CAD

Anne Hamilton

June 8, 2013

Marker on vellum, 10.5”x19”, 2019

$ 200 CAD

Anne Hamilton June 8, 2013

Anna Wilson

TAP Centre for Creativity

Marker on paper, 44”x 30”
$ 3,300 CAD

Eldon House
Marker on paper, 30”x 22”
$ 1,550 CAD

University College

Marker and gouache on paper, 30”x 22”

$ 1,600 CAD

Couch and Window

Marker and gouache on paper, 30”x 44”

$ 1,750 CAD

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