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Playing Well: Improv for Anxiety

Playing Well - Improv For Anxiety Flyer - Fall 2023.png

As people who experience anxiety know, the consequences can be debilitating personally and professionally. Learning to cope with self-doubt, moving beyond fears, and successfully taking part in social activities, requires courage and commitment. In the Playing Well: Improv for Anxiety Group , Dr. Jared French and Dr. Chantelle Lloyd help create an environment where group members can take good risks and explore the unknown, together. Combining improvisational exercises, psychoeducation, and group processing, our goal is to challenge and transform debilitating feelings of shame, the fear of making mistakes, and the desire to do things perfectly. What can result is less anxiety in one’s life and more confidence, playfulness, and growth! No previous improv experience is needed for this program. More information about the individuals running this program can be found HERE.

To reserve a spot in the group, please email and let them know that you’re interested in the Playing Well: Improv For Anxiety Group. They will then contact you to provide further information.

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