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Co-working Creation Spaces

Thanks to the Good Foundation’s donation of $96,000, the construction on this project is already on its way in our lower level - and wow did our space
really open up! We’ve been moving walls and leveling floors so that we can make more room for artists. These new co-creation spaces will hold classes, and provide room for flexible and affordable studio space. The goal of this new space is to foster a community of people who are coming together to connect, learn, create and grow without a huge financial burden. Did we
mention the beautiful glass wall that will allow everyone to see the artists in action? It is going to be stunning!
We are finishing the construction we started, one square foot at a time! We need your help to get us to the finish line on the extra costs associated with this space. Will you donate $55 to build and equip a square foot section of our Co-working Creation Spaces? Donate today.
*Your gift will not only help with this project, but it will also help in many other ways. Donations beyond this project will be used where it is most needed to advance TAP's mission and support our creative community.

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