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Stop-motion animation by second year students in the Fanshawe College Fine Art program 2020-21

This presentation of stop-motion animated videos is a group project completed by Fanshawe College Fine Art second year students in their Visual Research course. Forced into an online environment by the COVID-19 pandemic, students chose to express themselves in a series of imaginative, light-hearted skits that speak to everyday situations that may go awry; a pastiche of our strange times. Using low tech equipment (cell phone cameras and audio recorders, home-made cardboard box animation stands, desk lamps, and an animation app), they have produced brief anecdotes that embrace the bespoke hand-crafted look of painted, drawn, cut-paper, and clay-based animation. 


Jaina Argueta, Victoria Campbell, Brittany Caron, Nicole Caron, Dylan Charette, Emilee DeGroot Boersma, Jessica Gervais, Drew Goodenough, Lindsey Greeno, Nathan Hoy, Elizabeth Merzib, Colleen Moffatt, Kathryn Penstone, Myia Pevec, Tyler Pffinger, Ashley Sandham, Ian Reis Indiano Soares and Evan Willemse

15_Myia Peves.png



00:29 | STARTING AT 00:21

Some things are not as they seem. The sound of the wind could very well be a person whistling outside of your window. I used oil paint on glass to depict this strange scene.  

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