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Between: An Exhibition by Emerging Artist Anna Wilson

Using only a micron pen, a black marker and blackwash, Anna Wilson’s intricate architectural illustrations prompt viewers to consider the unnoticed dimensions of everyday life.

“I started with just drawing buildings, always in micron pen,” Wilson said of her work. “From there I started thinking about how I could layer these buildings, how I could explore the idea of interior on top of exterior to create a unique grey space; that idea of the in-between, between interior and exterior space, and how there’s this sort of area that no one thinks about in architecture.”

Citing Julie Mehretu and Carl Larsson has sources of inspiration, Wilson uses her medium to examine the possible memories associated to older homes, buildings and furniture. She has been developing her craft as part of the 12-month Emerging Artists Studio Program at the TAP Centre for Creativity.

Upon graduating from Western University’s Bachelor of Fine Art program, Wilson joined TAP’s Emerging Artists Studio Program to fully immerse herself in her art. She had originally intended to pursue a career in art therapy, but a passion for creation pulled her in a different direction.

While completing her degree, Wilson learned about TAP and everything the program had to offer, such as private studio space, mentorship and peer support. Wilson saw a valuable chance to overcome the many challenges often faced by new artists, and ultimately have her art seen by the public.

“The biggest challenge is finding outlets to exhibit my work, which is really one reason that TAP is so amazing,” she said. “It was mind-blowing to me that I could come straight out of school to this amazing gallery and actually have the opportunity to have my work displayed. Going to the opening night [of the residents’ artists show] was one of the highlights of the past ten years of my life.”

Wilson reflected that her time at TAP has led her to grow both as an artist, and a person. Once her term in the Emerging Artists Program comes to a close, she plans to stay at TAP as a resident and continue working towards being a full-time artist.

“I found it to be such a supportive community between all the staff here and all the artists, and it’s really given me an idea of what I want to keep in a studio as well,” Wilson said. “Rather than having a space that’s totally separate, I’ve really found that having people around and having other artists around is something that I really do find is the most important to me.”

Wilson’s exhibit opens with a reception on June 27th from 6-8 pm.

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