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Theatre Upgrade

We can’t get the lights, camera, action without a good dressing room… so we’ve started our Theatre Renovation there. If you’ve ever performed at TAP, you would know that the space behind our theatre held two offices, storage space, a small washroom and a dressing room. And while TAP staff has loved sharing that space with you, we’ve decided to move out-- and we are taking our offices with us! Instead, performers will have two new washrooms and a larger dressing room. Thanks to a $35,000 donation through London Community Grants, we have a good head start and can begin washroom renovations. But, we can't stop there. We have plans to upgrade the rest of the space one square foot at a time! Each $45 donation builds and equips half a square foot section of our Theatre and Dressing Room.
*Your gift will not only help with this project, but it will also help in many other ways. Donations beyond this project will be used where it is most needed to advance TAP's mission and support our creative community.

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