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Corporate sponsorships are an excellent opportunity for your business to demonstrate your commitment for arts and culture in London.


  • Show London you believe in the importance of arts and culture in our community.

  • Increase your brand awareness because our visitors and audiences are your prospective customers, employees or collaborators.

  • Provide your team unique opportunities to experience performance, art and creative education.

  • Your name and brand will be associated with a high quality, creative and innovative non-profit organization, offering a unique arts experience in our community.

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2024 Sponsorship Guide Available Soon

TAP is committed to providing opportunities for artists, performers and creators to work in their fields. In 2023, we supported 1,191 artists through programming, learning, and exhibition opportunities. We also provided studio space to 9 resident artists, and highlighted their practice with exhibitions, studio visits, and presentation opportunties.

This year we are working to increase our impact through our multidisciplinary creative hub model.

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