Loom Weaving

By Joy Fibre Arts

Hundreds of threads are wound onto the back beam of the loom (separated into 1 inch sections)

Each thread gets pulled through a heddle that is in one of four frames

Each frame is connected to another frame by rope so they are always balanced (this is called a counterbalance loom). The frames are connected to foot treadles which control which ones move up and down. The thread is then pulled through a reed that separates the threads and tied around the front beam. This whole set up is called the “warp” on the loom

Thread is wrapped around a bobbin or pern, in this case, and put in a shuttle

My feet make every other thread go up

I throw the shuttle through the opening (this is called the weft)

Pull the thread tight using the reed

Then I switch feet, pulling the opposite threads up and repeat the process. This creates the “over - under” that makes plain weave


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